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About Jules Morgan

Jules Morgan, the founder and owner of Teach Your Gundog and our head gundog trainer, has lived with dogs all her life and has been fortunate enough to work as a trainer for over three decades.

During her early training career, Jules taught puppy, adolescent, and behaviour training classes for pet dogs alongside teaching gundog training classes for those looking to work their dogs on shoots.  

Within a few years of starting out, Jules started to feel uncomfortable with some of the methods she had originally learnt, particularly as she was unable to explain them on a theoretical level and some seemed unfair on the dogs.

So Jules began her journey to learn about more science backed, positive reinforcement training methods.

As dog training education was not the same as it is today, much of her learning was independent and very much based on trial and error. As such, Jules’ journey to find new gundog training methods took some time and was not always supported by the people she was training with.

Nevertheless, in 2006, Jules became accredited with the APDT. Jules today still feels very strongly that dogs and owners should be supported and encouraged by their trainer with empathy and understanding as well as being properly qualified.

Understanding that there is always more to learn about dogs, Jules considers two working cocker spaniels, Buckle and Raffle, and Labrador, Otter, three of her greatest teachers.

 She continues to keep up her studies and remains up to date with research into behaviour, psychology, neuroscience and physiology which further expands her understanding of dogs and what motivates them. Most recently, Jules has lectured to dog trainers, behaviourists and veterinary professionals on remedial training protocols for specific behaviour problems.  

She believes that her training history and experience as a ‘crossover’ trainer enables her to be extremely sympathetic to, and understanding of, the hurdles involved in that process, as well as having first-hand experience of what an incredibly rewarding experience it is to train this way.  

Jules’ main passion is for working and training gundogs. Over the years she has gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of lowland shooting from large estates, through to small farm shoots, and rough shooting including beating, picking up, shooting, and shoot management.

Today, Jules specialises in gundog training for pet dogs, working dogs and those looking to participate in competition from her base in Surrey.

Courses available through Teach Your Gundog include The Gundog Club Graded Training Scheme, as well as bespoke workshops and courses covering specific topics at all levels.  

Jules also hosts more advanced gundog training camps twice a year in Cumbria, as well as her ever-popular series of Gundog Games workshops around the country which enables people to find out about the world of gundog training using only ethical, choice based methods and to start to build their foundation skills.

Along with Helen Phillips, Jules co-founded and is now the secretary of The Vale and West Gundog Club, which offers a safe stepping-stone into competition through its annual working tests and working gundog certificate (KCWGC) assessment days.  

Jules has also organised, judged and competed at many working tests, assisted at field trials, and helped at numerous Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate assessments both on dummies and game.  

Jules' other qualifications and accreditations include:
Member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)  
Accredited Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC)  
Accredited Trainer and Assessor for The Gundog Club  
BASC Safe Shot Certificate  
LANTRA Shooting Assistant/Loaders Certificate  
Qualified First Aider (Emergency First Aid at Work/Rural Skills Certificate)

In 2018 Jules launched The Gundog Trainers Academy Ltd, in partnership with Helen Phillips.  This is an organisation with a mission to support, nurture and encourage high standards of ethical, science based, non-coercive and effective methods of training for gundogs in the UK.    It offers a comprehensive educational programme for gundog enthusiasts and trainers from all disciplines to learn how to become professional gundog trainers.  The Gundog Trainers Academy has just completed the rigorous assessment process for accreditation to the ABTC and is now a Member Organisation as well as Ambassador Partner of the PPG.  As a GTA member, Jules adheres to the Gundog Trainers Academy Code of Practice which can be viewed here.

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About Jane Longson

Jane Longson is one of our assistant trainers and is currently on the path to becoming an accredited gundog trainer with the Gundog Trainers Academy.

Before becoming a dog trainer, Jane taught and tutored for over 25 years in both mainstream and special needs schools, while juggling a husband and  three children.    

Jane left full-time teaching six years ago and bought Archie, a Sprocker Spaniel, with the intentions of using him as a ‘read2me’ dog when tutoring.

After two years,  Archie was joined by Maddie, a Springer Spaniel. Jane enjoyed learning to train both dogs and wanted to develop a better understand of how a dog’s mind works and how to work together as a team.    

After researching the options, Jane decided to enrol in the APDT Foundation Course in 2019 and subsequently the Part 2 Course in 2020. She passed both courses and is now a student member of the APDT.

In 2020, Jane also completed the Gundog Trainers Academy Handlers Course in 2020 (with Jules and Helen) and she has consequently enrolled to do the GTA Teachers Course in 2021.    

For the past few years, Jane has been shadowing and working for Jules, enjoying every moment.

She looks forward to meeting you and your dog.

About Silke Ebling

Silke Ebling is one of our assistant trainers and is currently on the path to becoming an accredited gundog trainer with the Gundog Trainers Academy.

Silke, her husband and three dogs, Hollie, Aska and Woody live in Bramley, Surrey. Always a dog lover, Silke has very fond memories of her first dog Sandy, a longhaired Dachshund. She was in her early teens when her dad took her to the local dachshund training club - this was her first experience of working dog training and showing in breed classes.  

When her children were old enough, Silke and her husband bought their first family dog – Bramble – a Labrador Retriever, who was the perfect family dog. Hollie, a Labrador Retriever, joined the family as a puppy when Bramble was 10 years old.

Now six years old, Hollie took Silke on a journey dabbling in different dog activities and dog sports. When Jules moved back to Haslemere about 4 years ago, Silke started gundog training and got hooked. She has since enjoyed working on many shoots with Hollie who has since been joined by Aska, a Labrador Retriever, and Woody, German Wirehaired Pointer.  

Silke’s top priority when choosing a dog trainer has always been to find someone whose training methods are positive, reward based and enjoyable for dog and person. It is now her passion to reach as many gundog owners as possible - to be part of their journey, training their dogs to the highest standards building positive connection, trust, knowledge and skills to achieve their individual goals.  

Over the years, the Gundog Club graded training scheme has motivated Silke and she has successfully achieved G1 and G2 with Hollie and Aska, G3 with Aska and is now working to achieve level G4. She is also working towards G1 and G2 with Woody this year.  

For Silke, dog training is like peeling an onion with a new layer coming up as skill level progresses through training. This has led her to regular training classes with Jules, reading lots of books, going to lots of different workshops, webinars and attending the GTA Handlers course and GTA Teachers Course in 2020. Silke is also studying with the Dog Training College on the Dog Trainer Certification Program. She is aiming to complete her training and get accredited with the GTA in early 2022.