What shall I bring for my dog?

Bring a huge number of treats (cut into pea-sized pieces) and a treat bag. I would suggest frankfurters, cheese, ham, chicken, sausages, liver cake, sardine cake, anything that you know your dog likes and is safe for them to eat.

You will get through quite a lot so double the quantity you think you will need - any extra can be used for homework!  

Your dog should wear a flat collar and a clip-on lead up to 6 feet long.  

Bring a couple of toys that you know your dog likes for example a ball, a tug toy, a soft toy.  

Bring water.

If it is going to be wet, you may wish to bring a towel and/or dog coat for your dog at the end of the session.

Absolutely NO choke/check chains, extendable leads, aversive style harnesses or headcollars are acceptable in these classes. We never use or condone the use of any type of aversive equipment like pet corrector spray, remote collars, discs, rattle bottles, etc. 

How do I get there?

Directions to all our current locations are here

What will I need for me?

Please wear sensible shoes or boots that are waterproof and suitable for uneven/muddy ground.

Be prepared for the Great British weather and dress accordingly!

I don't intend on taking my dog shooting, can I still participate in gundog training?

Absolutely! Gundog training is a great way to establish and build a wonderful working relationship with your dog. Lots of people enjoy gundog training as a hobby and just use it as an opportunity to allow their dogs to use their natural, instinctive talents, such as hunting, chasing and retrieving, in a controlled way. 

What facilities are there?

Our two-acre training paddock is completely secure.

When you arrive you will see that there is a separate car parking area - please remember to keep your dog on a lead in this space.

I am a pet dog trainer - how can I help clients with gundog breeds?

Jules tours the UK teaching her popular Gundog Games workshops which provide an introduction to those who have never considered this before, or those who have been put off by the traditional methods some gundog trainers continue to use.

If you would like to hire Jules to come and teach a workshop to your students please email her on jules@teachyourgundog.co.uk

What books do you recommend to students?

Recommended Reading

"Clicker Gundog" Helen Phillips
"The Fundamentals for Success: Force Free Gundog Training" Jo Laurens
"Retrieving for All Occasions" Elsa Blomster and Lena Gunnarson
"Mission Control" Jane Arden
"Where's the Off Switch" Leanne Smith
"Whose Walk is it Anyway?" Leanne Smith
"In Defence of Dogs" John Bradshaw  
"The Thinking Dog" Gail Tamases Fisher
 "The Perfect Puppy" Gwen Bailey  
"Life Skills For Puppies" Helen Zulch & Daniel Mills  
"Brain Games" Clare Arrowsmith  
"Total Recall" Pippa Mattinson  
"Dogs In Mind" Jackie Drakeford  

"Crate Games" Susan Garrett 

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