What our students had to say about their experiences training with Teach Your Gundog...

Before I met Jules, my dogs and I trained in the traditional manner where, for instance, lead jerking and being cross with my dog for not obeying a command was the norm. Treats were certainly frowned upon and often it was difficult to convey to my dog what was required without him becoming slightly fearful of me.

Working with Jules over the last 5 years, however, has been a fantastic and enlightening experience. I have learnt such a lot about gundog training and my dogs in a way which is tremendous fun for them and for me. And all in a positive and enriching environment.

I feel lucky that I have been able to train my 2 ½ year old WCS, Layla, with Jules since she was a puppy and so she has learnt from scratch some of the necessary skills needed for gundog work in a totally positive manner. She loves her training and the fun games we have practised together - all a part of Jules’ methodology - so much so that her learning takes place in such a way that she doesn’t realise the subtext, i.e. that she is actually training to be a gundog! All she knows is the pleasure she gets out of having fun with me.

We have taken part in small classes at Jules’ training ground where we have worked for, and passed, a couple of the Gundog Club graded tests and are on course for a third. I am also hoping that with Jules’ guidance, Layla and I may be able to enter a Working Test or two at some time in the future and even perhaps take part in a shoot-over or in a beating line.

Jules has a wealth of knowledge about all breeds of gundog, and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a gundog trainer extraordinaire. If you want a happy and well trained gundog who is a pleasure to own then Jules will certainly help you on your way.

Gill V  

When I first met Jules about 5 years ago, I had been going to traditional trainers and my dog had lost the joy of gundog work, particularly retrieving.

We were both thoroughly stressed and on the point of giving up. With Jules' help we managed to turn this around, for which l will be forever grateful.

My dog will always be keener to hunt than to retrieve but we were having fun again. Now that l have a puppy l will be going to Jules from Day One. Can't recommend her and her methods highly enough.

Anthea C 

Before I started training with Jules, 4 or so years ago, me and my Working Cocker Spaniel, Barry, were facing many challenges with our gundog training, as he was such a hard hunter. I just wanted to be able to beating with my him.

With Jules’ help we’re now involved in beating teams on a few local shoots and ongoing training is focussed on keeping Barry sharp for the shooting season.

When looking for a gundog trainer, it was important to me that they were experienced in the shooting field as well training, and that they used kind, caring and effect techniques and I chose Jules because she was all of the above.

Jules is a cracking trainer; she is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. 

Georgia S 

When searching for a gundog trainer, it was most important to me that the trainer was a reward based and non-aversive trainer and I chose Jules because she trains and teaches using modern science based methods and animal welfare is paramount.  

Since training with Jules my dogs’ benefit from a better organised and calmer handler and this reflects in their learning new skills.

We have achieved The Gundog Club Grades 1 to 3 and we are working on Grade 4.

The training has given me the confidence and my dogs the skills to enjoy working in the field and enjoy ourselves.  

Silke E 

I have known and trained with Jules for many years and most recently with my Labrador Isla. Not having had a puppy for fifteen years I had lost confidence in my abilities to train my puppy. Jules gave me a huge amount of help and the confidence to continue successfully with Isla’s training.

I find her to be very knowledgeable with her kind and reward-based training. She is patient, kind, fun and listens to what you want to achieve, then helps you every step of the way to reach your goals  I cannot recommend Jules more highly.

Jane R