Spaniels (HR) Foundation Grade 1 &
Grade 2 Sept - Nov

Classes will focus on handler skills and teaching foundation gundog skills

Time: 1.30pm to 3pm  

Held on Wednesdays  

Upcoming dates:

  • 29th September 
  • 27th October 
  • 10th November 
  • 24th November

Assessment days will be arranged separately for those who wish to participate.

Using the framework of The Gundog Club grades, classes will focus on handler skills and teaching foundation gundog skills including:
  • Heel
  • Recall
  • Stay
  • Retrieve
  • Stop
  • Hunting
  • Whistle cues
  • Using a clicker
  • Understanding reinforcement in training

The Gundog Club was launched in January 2006 to help people train their gundogs through participation in a non-competitive Graded Training Scheme.  

Progress through this national Graded Training Scheme is achieved through preparing for and passing a series of graded Field Tests. The Gundog Club Field Tests are open to all gundogs regardless of their ancestry. Pedigree papers are not required and cross-bred dogs are welcome to enter the scheme. Pet gundogs are warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate.    
The Gundog Club is working to raise standards in gundog welfare through the promotion of modern reward-based training methods, and the provision of caring and competent Accredited Instructors.    

Until the arrival of the Gundog Club, all popular national gundog tests in the UK were competitions for fully trained gundogs. The Gundog Club’s Graded Training Scheme has provided the first opportunity for gundog owners to have their dogs tested against a consistent national standard, instead of against other dogs.  

Testing the dog throughout the entire training process helps to motivate learners and to encourage them to enjoy and complete the gundog training journey. Graded training helps to focus learners on training in small and achievable steps which in turn enables the gundogs to benefit from modern reward-based training methods. 

Course Pricing

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    Four week course Sept to Nov
  • £160

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