Monthly Grade 2 and 3 Spaniel Group

Suitable for hunting retriever breeds, who have passed their Gundog Club Grade 2.

Course Summary

 This course will run on Wednesdays from 1.00pm to 2.30pm.

These monthly group classes are designed to help you bring together the full range of skills needed to work your spaniel in the field, or if they are a pet, to ensure that they have an outlet for their natural instincts.

 These sessions are suitable for hunting retriever (e.g. spaniels and hpr) breeds, who have passed their Gundog Club Grade 2 or are beginning to work reliably at that level.    

The level is for improvers, designed for anyone working towards The Gundog Club Grade 2/3 and above, plus Novice Dog/Novice Handler Working Tests.      
Unlike our progressive skills workshops, these monthly group classes will not be focused on one particular topic. Instead, we will be looking at how everything works together in real life by setting up realistic scenarios.    

In each session, the aim will be to help you improve your handler skills, while also helping to improve and proof hunting, heelwork, self control, retrieve, stop and recall etc. behaviours in a group environment.    

If you have never trained with Teach Your Gundog before you book an initial 121 session so we can assess exactly where you are at with your training and which group class will be most suitable for your individual dog.

Course Pricing

Jules Morgan